In a Crowded Marketplace,
How Do You Stand Out From Other
Financial Professionals?

Through credibility as an expert featured
in newspapers and magazines, and on radio and TV.

“Deciding to work with EMSI has totally changed our image and gained tremendous credibility for our firm. The national media they secured for us has had a powerful impact on the growth of my business. EMSI continues to deliver the results I have been looking for!”

Gary Marriage

CEO/Owner, Nature Coast Financial Advisors, Inc.

“I had been looking into an affordable way to do some PR for over two years and now that we have hired you, we have over a dozen articles on the web, on our homepage, and on our facebook page. It amazes me that we were a secret and in a little over 4 months you have brought some national media into my office with some great PR results!”

Philip Rousseaux

Founder & President, Everest Wealth Management, Inc.

Good Financial Advice for Financial Professionals

You can’t open up a newspaper or turn on the TV or radio without tripping over a financial advisor telling us how to manage our money.

Buy gold, don’t buy stocks, use offshore tax shelters, don’t use an IRA-it’s enough to make someone cash all their paychecks and keep the money in Mason jars buried under their porch, and post grandpa on the front stoop with a glass of lemonade and a shotgun.

So, how can a financial professional penetrate through all the noise and communicate to the masses?

This is where a good public relations campaign can help you rise above the din. The truth is that the old rules of PR don’t work anymore. It’s not about how many contacts the agency has and who they took for drinks last week. The media was hit just as hard as everyone else during the recession. Many veteran print editors and columnists were offered early retirement, and now they’re bloggers working out of their dens. Producers on radio and TV are being asked to do more with fewer resources. As a result, getting their attention is more art than science.
That’s where we come in.

At News and Experts, we work quickly and efficiently to identify angles and strategies aimed at getting the media to notice you and your message. We know the key to getting media interest for financial advisors is to cast them as experts in their fields, and then direct the media to unique ideas and strategies for consumers that will help the media keep their audiences reading, listening and watching.

What’s more, our business model is cost effective, and holds up even in the face of your most conservative financial strategies. We don’t charge retainers in exchange for our best efforts. Instead, we work on flat project fees that guarantee actual media placements. Our Guaranteed Media program is an evolution of the old pay-for-performance model, adapted for the challenges and opportunities of today’s media landscape. Instead of specializing in one form of media, we offer the whole spectrum with campaigns for editorial coverage in print and online, appearances on TV, interviews on radio, and social media. Our agency is structured differently, with campaign managers for all the different mediums. This ensures that your campaign is managed directly by a seasoned professional and not a junior account executive who does all the work under the supervision of a seasoned professional.

Our Services


National Print Coverage

Get exposure in local & national newspapers, magazines and blogs. (Online and Traditional)

TV Appearances

Appear on top local & national TV shows.

Talk Radio Interviews

Be featured as a guest on top local & national talk-radio shows across the country.

Social Media Marketing

Build your digital brand by staying relevant in today’s fastest growing medium.


We design PR campaigns around one simple fact:
We Guarantee Media Coverage.

Our clients take comfort in our 30 years of experience. For them, there’s no gamble – we take the guesswork out of PR.

Our clients have appeared in top-tiered media, such as

You should work with firms that specialize in publicity for Financial Professionals.
With 30 years of experience, we’re the best partner you could have.

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