Talk Radio Campaigns

Talk radio campaigns are a favorite for clients who enjoy the conversational format and appreciate the flexibility of radio – show guests are interviewed by telephone from the comfort of their homes. In fact, we have several clients who’ve been doing back-to-back talk radio campaigns for years!


Interviews on radio shows allow you to speak directly to large, dedicated audiences, many of whom are giving you their full attention because they’re captive listeners – the commuters and truckers looking to be entertained. And they’re fans of the show host, which gives you instant credibility. If their favorite host thinks you’re great, you must be!

At News and Experts, we have several former and current talk show hosts on staff, including CEO Marsha Friedman, so we understand what hosts and producers need and want.

Talk radio campaigns include 15 interviews guaranteed to be scheduled within a six-month period. In the unlikely event we’re unable to meet our guarantee, clients get their money back for any unscheduled interviews.

Our media veterans craft compelling, customized talk show segments for each client based on news, trends and issues relevant to his or her message. Clients are positioned as experts and pitched to radio shows across the country as potential guests.

We work with AM, FM and satellite shows that are broadcast nationally, in syndication and/or on local stations in the top 100 U.S. markets. We do not reach out to stations with less than 5,000 watts of power or internet shows.

We encourage clients to share their interviews on their websites and on social media, which increases the visibility and credibility they provide.