Chances are that whether you are the owner, manager, or public relations director of a company, you are always looking for ways to be in the public eye. While advertising is important, it doesn’t provide the credibility that PR can. Al Ries, marketing guru and strategist, says in his book The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR:

“For most companies today, PR is far too important to take a backseat to advertising. In many ways the roles are reversed, PR is in the driver’s seat and should lead and direct a marketing program.”

A smart way to apply Ries’s advice is to secure valuable publicity for your company by appearing as a guest on talk radio. It’s a great vehicle for speaking directly to thousands (and sometimes millions) of listeners tuning in to hear what you have to say! In the enthusiastic words of one of our clients, Dr. Cass Ingram, “Our sales have grown into millions per year from talk radio interviews alone! Regular, consistent radio publicity really works!”

Imagine that being your success! Appearing as a guest on talk radio is a fantastic marketing medium, but if you are not media savvy it is difficult to know where to begin. The first step would be to know how to write a powerful press release for this specific medium.

When it comes to press releases most people believe they just can write one, email it to a list of radio stations and sit back and wait for the avalanche of phone calls. But as time passes and no producers are beating down their door, they make a few phone calls to the producers and hosts only to discover that no one even read the release in the first place. So, all of that time and work goes down the drain bringing you back to square one.

How to Get Started

The most challenging part of writing anything is getting started. Looking at a blank page with a head full of ideas can be frustrating. Which one do I use? Which one will get the response that I need?

The first step is to understand that you’re writing to radio hosts and producers who are inundated with press releases and phone calls every day. They are looking for the hottest show ideas that their listeners will enjoy.

So, come up with a show idea. Easy? Well not necessarily easy, but it is your chance to flex those creative muscles. Think about how you can tie your product, service or message to a newsworthy story that would grab the attention of a producer. Think outside the box a bit…some of the best radio show ideas live there!

Now that you have your show idea there is something else to consider: why should a producer interview ME? The answer is simple: Radio shows need experts, not unqualified guests sharing opinions.

And, you are an expert! Think about it: who knows your product better than you? You can talk about the problems your product solves with more knowledge and enthusiasm than anyone else out there.

With a good show idea that ties your message into the news – combined with your experience and expertise on the subject – you now have the tools to start working on a radio release that will get producers calling you!

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