While doing talk radio interviews in major markets across the nation and even writing about National Write a Business Plan Month, one common theme is popping up: Many new entrepreneurs and book authors have tried to market what they’ve created themselves but haven’t been successful in securing media coverage.

These publicity do-it-yourselfers are realizing that booking a radio, print or TV interview can be a time consuming and frustrating process for a marketing novice. Creating a media pitch and reaching out to the appropriate contacts in your “spare time” usually leads to Nowheresville. Getting consistently great media placements really is full-time work for even the most experienced PR Pro.

That’s why I thought what happened at EMSI Public Relations recently was so heartwarming.

A father purchased one of our Pay-for-Performance Print Campaign packages for his daughter’s book, and he’s giving it to her as a present this holiday season.

Think about that for a moment.

1.This woman (but still his little girl) writes a book due out in 2013.

2.During a holiday gift exchange, she’s going to get a certificate showing that Dad has already taken care of a major part of her book’s business plan: the marketing.

3.Dad will know that his daughter’s great work will be pitched to major daily newspapers, magazines and online publications with a guarantee of media placements.

Maybe it’s because I’m a new dad of a beautiful baby girl, but I’m willing to hand over my “Father of the Year” award to this guy for his gesture. As parents, all we want to do is help our kids’ dreams come true. He certainly did that.

So if your loved one has written a book or is starting up a new business, have you ever considered that the best present you could give them this year is the gift of exposure? Guaranteed!

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