TV is a powerful, visual medium and a popular one among people seeking publicity. Anyone watching can readily see just how effective it is. Being a featured guest on a local or national show exposes you to a vast audience. Viewers connect with and remember the people they see on TV. It allows your personality to shine, and viewers respond to that.

Interview clips posted to your website will keep paying dividends, long after the show has aired. They provide the implicit third-party endorsement of the show host, boosting your credibility. Whether it’s a local show or a national one, the fact that you’re the expert source never fails to impress.

At News and Experts, we only charge predetermined fees for TV bookings after we’ve scheduled them. We operate within your budget and target the cities and shows on your wishlist. We try to tie appearances to your travel plans when possible, so that you won’t have to make a special trip for your interview.

Our Creative Team will develop as many customized, topical pitches as needed to get you on the air, and coach you so that you’re well-prepared for these appearances. People with no previous TV experience who want to appear on national shows will need to do some local shows first.

Most national show producers want to see clips to ensure that the guest is comfortable in front of the camera. Because booking television requires a great deal of research and work up front – and you don’t pay if we don’t get you on the air — we require our TV campaign clients to sign on for an additional publicity service.

Client Highlights

ABC Nightline – Operation Underground Railroad (OUR)