PR for Natural Health

PR for Natural Health

The Evolving Media Landscape for Natural Health Products

There has never been a better time for natural health companies to engage in a PR campaign.

The proverbial planets have aligned, making now a great time to be in the natural health business. For starters, the industry is growing, and continues to grow. Sales of herbal dietary supplements in the United States increased by almost 5% last year, reaching a total estimated figure of just over $5 billion. These statistics were included in a report published in HerbalGram, the nonprofit American Botanical Council’s quarterly journal. Sales in the mainstream market channel (e.g., drugstores, etc.) experienced particularly strong growth, increasing more than 14% over 2008 sales.

The primary channels for the delivery of Natural Health products are all on the upward swing, according to the Nutrition Business Journal. In 2009, natural, specialty and mass market stores rung up more than $93 billion in nutrition product sales, according to NBJ estimates.

Moreover, many of the prejudices against Natural Health products are fading, primarily because of healthcare reform and consumer distrust of traditional medical treatments, such as antibiotics and habit-forming pharmaceuticals.

Journalists are not only more aware of the Natural Health industry, but they are also receiving higher interest levels from their audiences in print, online and on the air regarding natural remedies.

Of course, this also means that competition for those media placements is higher as well, which is why it is so important to engage PR professionals to help engineer your campaign to give your company a sharper competitive edge.

There are very few public relations firms with more experience in Natural Health than News and Experts.

We’ve been a part of the Natural Health firmament for most of the 25 years we’ve been in business. We know the terrain, we know the players, and we also keenly understand how the media landscape is changing to accommodate more coverage of Natural Health issues.

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